Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club (CULRC) was founded in 1974 and has raced the Oxford Lightweights in March or April every year since 1975.

Beating Oxford in the Henley Boat Races isO the principal aim of the club, and we have done so on 24 of the 40 races so far.

Training and Selection

Each year a crew of eight oarsmen and one coxswain is selected from a pool of 30-40 athletes who begin training with the club in September (or in many cases earlier) in the hope of winning themselves the honour of representing Cambridge.

Our Head Coach, Dan Janes, is in overall charge of coaching and selection, assisted by a team of coaches from a diverse range of rowing backgrounds. For more information about trialling for CULRC, please visit the Trialling section. For biographies of some of our coaches, please visit our Coaches’ page.

Club Administration

The day-to-day running of the club is the responsibility of the President, who is elected annually, assisted by the Vice-President, who is appointed by the President.

The Honorary Secretary, also elected annually, fulfils the club’s obligations to the CUCBC and performs various administrative tasks.

Decisions concerning the long-term interests of the club are taken by the Executive Committee, composed of the Officers mentioned above, the Head Coach, the Senior Treasurer and a number of alumni. Contact details for Club Officers can be found on our Contacts Page.

Lightweight Rowing

Lightweight rowing is so called because there is a limit on the weight of the oarsmen – no oarsman may weigh more than 72.5kg (11st 6lb) and, for all boat classes other than single scull, there is an additional requirement that the average weight of the crew (excluding coxswain) must not be greater than 70.0kg (11st). Lightweight rowing has been included in the World Rowing Championships since 1974 and the Olympic Regatta since 1996.

The Henley Boat Races

The annual Oxford vs Cambridge women’s and lightweights’ Boat Races are held at Henley-on-Thames in an event known as the Henley Boat Races. The date of the races varies from year to year but is always within the week immediately preceding the heavyweight men’s Boat Race in London: the next Henley Boat Races will be held on Sunday, 24th March 2013. For more information, see the Henley Boat Races website.