Regular Giving

Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club requires your help to ensure that all our athletes are given the best chance to develop through each season and perform against Oxford in the boat race. Coaching staff, equipment, venue hire, kit and training camps are all examples of expenses that have – in the past – been largely shouldered by the athletes themselves.

In recent years corporate sponsorship has also contributed to the club running costs but alumni donations are still our main steady source of income. Currently the majority of raised funds goes towards the day-to-day running of the club. However, financial considerations continue to be a major barrier for participation among students. We are currently staging a drive to increase this support for our athletes as well as continuing to support the club’s running costs. See below for a few ways in which your donation can help support the club and maintain our recent record of victories over Oxford.

Donate £15 per month = expenses for one athlete during race week.

Donate £25 per month = expenses for one athlete attending our winter training camp.

Donate £50 per month = train fare from Cambridge to Ely for two athletes during Lent term.

A donation that averages above £20 per month (£10 if having graduated in the last 5 years) qualifies for the Eat For Free scheme entitling you to attend the annual Alumni Dinner for free.

To donate on a monthly basis, please print, complete and return the form found  here selecting a donation to “70kg Club”. If you would prefer to donate on a one-off basis please use the same form. Please get in touch with the club’s Alumni Officers  at  alumni {at} if you have any questions.


Main Giving Page – Via Philanthropy at Cambridge

Recently, the club has been luck enough to secure some sponsorship deals which help reduce this financial burden. However, the vast majority of the funding comes from our alumni. Every donation is important, no matter how small, so please visit the following link to see how you might be able to help:

Other Opportunities – Contact the club directly

Sponsor A Seat

Sponsor a specific seat in the boat.

Eat for Free Scheme

Donate regularly above a minimum amount (£20/month, or £10/month if you graduated in the last 5 years) and you will be invited to the Alumni Dinner in thanks.