Financial Aid

The boats, the weights, the ergs, the boat house, the coaches: they all cost money. Rowing is an expensive sport. Most of the cost of trailing is borne by CULRC alumni and supporters. Athletes pay subs to the club: these are typically 10% of the club income. Athletes also need to pay for kit, (half the) camp costs and transport. An athlete trailing the whole year may expect to spend £800-£1,200.

Various grants are available to athletes, as well as financial aid from the club. CULRC makes every effort to ensure that anyone can trial regardless of financial background. If you are a current or prospective squad member and want to find out how we can help you, contact the president.

Available Support

To any athlete
Rob George Foundation – provides financial support to young people who demonstrate exceptional commitment and/or ability in the worlds of sport or the performing arts but may be held back by their financial situation from pursuing their goals. Awards of up to £3000.

At University Level
Hawks Club Trust – Closing Date in February – Awards of £100-£750
Eric Evans Fund – Closing Date in February – Awards of up to £300

At College Level
Each college will have its own arrangements, with varying support available. The president may have information relating to your college arrangements.