Ergs and weights are usually done at the University Sports Centre, a recently built facility. The weights room has several cages and a leg press. Our Strength and Conditioning coaches, Matt, James and Tristan set the weights program and are on hand for technical advice.


Weights Room at the USC


Small boats work and some eights work takes place on the Cam in Cambridge. We boat from Emmanuel College Boathouse. Most of the Eights and Fours work happens at Ely, a 15 minute train ride from Cambridge,  where  we have a 40km stretch available including a 5km straight.  The 2017 season is the first campaign to make use of the Ely Boathouse.


The Ely Boathouse is a £4.9million project providing a new state of the art home in Ely for the three university rowing clubs, CULRC, CUWBC and CUBC. The boathouse features a wet dock, four bays, rooms to rest between sessions and a landing stage for several eights.

Read the fundraising brochure to find out more. If you are interested in donating towards to the Ely Boathouse Project, click here.

The Ely Boathouse

The Ely Boathouse