2018 Live Stream

Given the unfortunate relocation of the Henley Boat Races to Dorney Lake, and the even more unfortunate fact that Dorney is in use for another event already, spectators are strictly limited.

Luckily, we have a live video stream, so hopefully everyone can still watch the event:

2018 Henley Boat Races – Relocated to Eton Dorney

Adverse river conditions on the Thames at Henley have made it necessary to relocate the 2018 Oxford & Cambridge Lightweight Boat Races. The management at Eton Dorney have kindly agreed that racing may take place at Dorney Lake.

Due to another event taking place at Dorney, there will be no general parking available. Parking for HBR spectators is severely restricted and by permit only – other vehicles will not be permitted access to the site.

It is a condition of our permission to race at Eton Dorney that spectators do not park in the villages and lanes adjacent to Dorney Lake.

Unfortunately the Alumnae and Inter-Collegiate races are cancelled for 2018.

2018 Crew Announcement

CULRC is proud to announce the 2018 Cambridge University Lightweight Blue Boat.
They will race their Oxford opponents on the 18th of March at 4 pm.

The 2018 CULRC Crew